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Nursery - Gardencentre 'Hulsdonk'

In an effort to expand and share our love of rare and unusual plants and shrubs, we started a growing programme on a hectare of land in 1987.  From that moment on we started collecting and propagating rare and unusual shrubs, trees and conifers. Due to the difficulty of finding new stock, we decided to grow and propagate our own. Through intensive taking of cuttings, new sowings and a carefully followed grafting programme, we steadily built up a stock of healthy new plants. To compliment the unusual we also introduced and expanded our more common plant growing programme and in our nursery we now also stock a range of climbers, perennials and tub-plants.

To share our love of these plants we organised a 'Collectors Day'. This became so popular and so well attended that we decided to hold a 'Collectors Day' annually, this now takes place every year on the second Sunday of September.

On this day, hundreds of small plants are sold at very competitive prices. This day is also one for gardeners who enjoy cultivating their own plants to meet and chat about this fascinating past-time. Due to the huge range of plants on offer, both the experienced plant grower and amateur alike will certainly find their visit to our nursery an experience to remember and certainly a worth-while one. 


Due to the success of our growing programme we now take and show our plants to the public at garden shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. This has led to quite an international interest and following of our work and we regularly greet visitors from abroad at our nursery. 

Our website is not an availability list!

A look at our website will reveal lots of information. This was created as more of a reference aimed at the amateur collector/grower and due to seasonal variations this should not be seen as an up to-date availability list. In the availability list, you won't find all the plants we offer in our nursery. We plan to add more information and pictures to our website regularly.  

Because we did not atomize, and because our prices are variable, you won't find any quotation of prices.

If you have any comments or if you would like to report an error, please mail us at: info@hulsdonk.com
We hope you'll enjoy browsing through our website.

Cees and Elly.